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Life is like Climbing Mountains
Date:2016-09-21 12:31:19


When a baby opens her eyes, the first glow of sunlight shines upon her face, and her life begins with a cry.

At first, it was easy. Grabbing the hands of her parents, she came through her delightful childhood. The path was broad and flat; with some help, she climbed a little. However, when she looked up, she realized the peak of the mountain could not be seen clearly. The dim, obscure clouds got into her way.

But she didn't stop. She continued her journey. A considerable number of stones were thrown at her face, leaving scars inside and out.

But she didn't stop. She didn't give up trying. The tight, warm and strong hands became loose; step by step, she was alone.

She looked beyond and the road became steep and dangerous. The heavens were less obscure than before. She hurried up, but tripped and fell. She lay on the ground, depressed and frustrated, until she noticed the intoxicating scent of flowers, the tickling sound of bells and the inviting image of above.

Despite the pain from her fall, she stood up, with faith in her heart, and continued her journey. She knew there would be numerous obstacles ahead, but she didn't stop. She knew she would never stop.

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