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Healthy sports-GOLF
Date:2015-12-25 11:36:52



When most people think of golf, they probably think of Tiger Woods jet-setting to golf courses around the world winning prestigious tournaments and making a lot of money.


  It seems hard to believe that what is now an international sport and multimillion-dollar industry evolved from origins as humble as hitting a pebble around sand dunes with a stick.


  It is generally agreed that golf was first played in Scotland in the 15th century.


  Its popularity spread throughout the 16th century, and the first international golf match took place in 1682 between players from England and Scotland.


  Clubs began forming soon after, and concrete rules of the game were established. The Industrial Revolution brought a period of change for golf.


  Suddenly, with the mass production of golf clubs and balls, the average person could afford to play.


  New railway lines made it possible for people to go to the country for the day, and thus play on a different course every weekend.


  Golf was made an Olympic sport in 1900, by which time there were already more than 1,000 golf courses in the United States.


  The famous PGA was formed in 1916, and by 1944, the equally famous PGA tour consisted of 22 events and was held throughout the year.Legendary golfers Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player dominated the game from the 60s’ into the 70s’, wowing fans by winning almost all of the events they competed in.


  Nicklaus still holds an unbeaten record of five U.S.PGA championships, six U.S.Masters titles, and four U.S.Opens.These days, it is up to current stars like Tiger Woods and David Duval to keep spectators glued to the TV set.


  Even if you are not a big fan, why not head off to the driving range and have a go? More than 23 million players exist in the United States alone, and they are all likely to tell you the same thing about golf: There’s nothing like it!




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